About Author

Joanne D Cameron, the Author of the books on this site, is passionate about the Bible, which she believes is the most relevant work of non-fiction ever written.

Joanne admits her favourite Bible books are the prophetic messages of Daniel and Revelation.   She has run Bible seminars for many years, and enjoys the surprise her students experience when they realise the Bible writers foretold events that are taking place in the 21st century.

Born in Wolverhampton, England, Joanne moved to London at the age of 21, following a dramatic conversion experience.  She joined a Christian church group and immediately began in-depth study of the Bible, which led to being involved in evangelism worldwide.  Teaching has always been one of Joanne’s most enjoyable activities.  Her particular strength is breaking down complicated subjects so they become easy to understand.

Having run so many Daniel and Revelation seminars, Joanne decided to transfer her seminar material to book format in order to reach an international audience

A major part of the Bible’s prophetic books is written in code, and the key to unlocking the code is contained within the Bible itself. Joanne maintains that once you know how to unlock the code, the prophecies are easily understood.