If you have watched ‘The Matrix’ film trilogy you will remember it challenged our thinking on the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI).  The first film in the series was made in 1999 and was therefore putting forward ideas well ahead of its time.  In the film mankind had created AI but had not envisaged how quickly it would outgrow the capability of its creators.  With the sun as its power source, AI became unmanageable and uncontrollable.  AI had no further use for mankind.  And so the humans decided to scorch the sky to prevent sunlight from reaching the earth.  AI then needed a new power source and held humans captive in breeding farms, using liquid energy from their bodies as food for the computers.  Then in order to keep humans functioning in a world they could accept, the Matrix was created – a computer manufactured existence where humankind lived out their make-believe lives with no conception that their experiences were nothing more than a computer-generated programme formu