When couples are choosing names for their children Judas is probably not at the top of the list.  The name is synonymous with betrayal, and we all know why.

The name Judas actually means ‘the praised one’ and was therefore a very popular name in Bible times.  When Jesus was choosing his twelve disciples, Judas was the only one Jesus did not personally call.  Judas was recommended to Jesus by the other disciples as an educated and intelligent candidate: one who would be a credit to the group.  Of course, as soon as Jesus saw Judas, who was indeed the praised one among his peers, He recognised him as His betrayer.  Yet it is interesting that Jesus never publically outed him.  And for the three and a half years of Jesus’ ministry He worked with Judas with just as much fervour as He did with the rest of the disciples.  Indeed Judas was the Treasurer of the group.  He kept the money bag for donations received.  And as well as the funds being used for food and ne