In this modern world we are used to depending on expert forecasts.  The weather man/woman tells us the weather we should expect tomorrow.  We receive financial forecasts so we know how to invest our money.  Political analysts forecast the results of government elections.  Scientists forecast the deteriorating state of our planet and how close we are to doomsday.  Yes, forecasts from the experts help us feel secure.  For it seems we know where we are heading.  However, one forecast slipped through the net.  While global attention was fixed on climate change, no one predicted that in a small, insignificant food market in Wuhan China, infected sea food sold to the public would begin a global pandemic killing five million people in two years, and counting.

Since 2019 each one of us has become acquainted with grief.  We either know someone who has died of COVID-19 or we know of someone who has died.  However, this new familiarity has not improved our ability to cope with losing those close to us – dealing with gr