On Monday 24 January 2022 my Dad, Howard Lindo Daley passed away. Howard was born on 17 April 1929 and so at the age of 92 he leaves a wife and son, together with two daughters and a son from his previous marriage, and a further son. He had ten grandchildren, seventeen great grandchildren, one great great grandchild, five stepchildren and a number of step grandchildren and great grandchildren. Therefore his legacy is sizeable.

Of course, as someone who has known me for the entirety of my existence, Howard was a pillar, linchpin and cornerstone of my existence. My life is going to be very different without him around to chat with, bounce ideas off, and seek advice from.

Born in the district of Constant Spring in Kingston, Jamaica West Indies, Howard was brought up in a Christian household. His parents were members of the Lutheran Church, and he and his three sisters accompanied their parents to church each Sunday. Both Howard and his siblings remained Christians throughout their lives.

Howard’s parents were landowners and landlords. At the age of 22 Howard married my mother Isolyn May Dwyer and built their first marital home on land owned by the family. They subse