Although I am a fan of ‘The Office’ it was not my intention to watch Ricky Gervais’ comedy special ‘Supernature’. I must admit that I find his stand-up routines a little hard to take.  However, while flicking through Netflix in an effort to find something to watch I came across the trailer for his latest special.  The chosen excerpt was his opinion on God.  Now if you know anything about me you will know that when the name of God is mentioned my ears prick up and I want to know more.  I am interested in people’s opinion on God and so the trailer led me to watch the entire routine.  I had to wait quite a while to reach the relevant part, and as usual Mr Gervais was irreverent on every subject, controversial, and yes I admit it, funny.  Then came his views on the supernatural.  He readily admitted that he does not believe in the supernatural which includ