And so in total amazement we continue to watch the trial of Keith Raniere as shown in the HBO documentary series ‘The Vow 2’.

Raniere is the co-founder of the self-improvement, multi-level marketing company NXIVM, based in Albany, New York.  In 2018 Raniere was arrested and charged with racketeering, human trafficking, sex offences and fraud.

In the latest episode the trial testimony of a young Mexican woman called Daniella (Dani) was aired.  She was sixteen years old when enrolled into NXIVM by her mother.  Dani came from a wealthy family.  At first Raniere befriended Dani’s mother who trusted him implicitly and believed the best way of training her four children was to put them into the care of NXIVM.  Therefore Dani, a brilliant student, moved to the USA and lived with the NXIVM inner circle.  She entered the country on a visitor’s visa with no funds of her own.  Dani was dependent on the organisation for her livelihood.

Raniere immediately began sexually grooming Dani and on her eighteenth birthday they began a sexual relationship.  Fr