If there was just one wish I could make for you in 2021 it would be to wish you justice.

Through the ages, governments have sought to bring in measures that ensure justice for its people.  And yet, we keep missing the mark.

Over the weekend I watched a BBC drama series (based on true events) of Charles Sobhraj, conman, thief and murderer of over a dozen tourists visiting Thailand, Nepal and India during the 1970s.  Despite eventually becoming Interpol’s most wanted killer in 1976, the non-caring attitude of the Asian police towards the safety of visitors to their respective countries, coupled with the various diplomatic services reluctant to accept even the most glaring evidence of foul play because to do so would cause paperwork problems, and open cans of worms, allowed Sobhraj to continue his killing spree.  I was amazed that I had not heard of Sobhraj before watching the drama.  Cou