It seems almost inconceivable that women in the 21st century could consent to polygamy.  In ancient times when women had no rights and knew no better, yes.  But in 2022?  How could that happen?

The first incidence of polygamy was recorded in the Bible.  Genesis 4:19-24 tells of Lamech the great great grandson of Cain.  Lamech decided one wife was not enough, so he married two, Adah and Zillah.  Lamech was a violent man who bragged of murdering two men.  If he was also violent to his wives then perhaps he was the first wife abuser too.  Lamech’s life is certainly no testament to the success of polygamy.  And although the practice was tolerated in Biblical times it brought jealousy, confusion, favouritism, hatred, and war into the home.  Yet certain cultures and religion