As you will have learned from my website profile, I run seminars on the Bible’s prophetic books – Daniel and Revelation.  At the moment I am running a Revelation seminar for a group of young people, aged 12-18.  They are youngsters primarily brought up in Christian homes.

The seminar has been going well.  The teenagers are learning new things such as how the Bible is relevant to their lives in 2022.  The book of Revelation is rich in its predictions of things that will happen in our future.  However, something that is not widely known is Revelation is also a history book.  It details events from AD31 to the end of the world and beyond.  When the events written by John the Revelator (the scribe of Revelation) were viewed by him and recorded the vast majority of them had not yet happened.  He was shown future events but to us living in the twenty-first century much of these events are now history and we can verify them from historical record.

For example, the decl