It is always interesting to hear the stories of former politicians as they recount their time in office.

Recently I watched the BBC documentary ‘Blair and Brown: The New Labour Revolution’.  I lived through that revolution.  Therefore it was intriguing to hear, in their own words, the two former Prime Ministers’ narratives that I thought I knew well.  As it turns out, I had little knowledge of the intricacies of the relationship between Blair and Brown.  Their friendship goes way back to their youth when they shared a “windowless” office at Westminster.  And there formulated dreams of one day leading the Labour party.  They were young MPs at the time when Neil Kinnock was party leader and Labour was seemingly incapable of winning an election.  Blair and Brown agreed that only by modernising Labour could the British people view the party as relevant.  The pair were charismatic and popular – the Labour party’s Lennon and McCartney