Being a person who is sceptical of conspiracy theories, I consciously refute the various ideas circulated regarding government plots to depopulate the world.  My question is  ‘As people are the world’s greatest resource, how would governments be advantaged by this?’  However, there is one conspiracy I do believe.  Having watched the Netflix documentary ‘Seaspiracy’, directed and presented by 27-year-old filmmaker Ali Tabrizi, I believe there is more than enough evidence to prove that governments worldwide are supporting commercial fishing that is detrimental to the survival of our planet.  Mr Tabrizi travelled to various locations such as Japan, the West Africa coastline, Thailand, and Scotland to view and film the commercial fishing industry’s overfishing practices, such as dolphins lured to coves in Japan to be slaughtered in their hundreds each day only because they feed on tuna fish.  The selling of tuna for human consum