On 23 July 2011 Amy Winehouse died.  She was twenty-seven years old. There was much speculation about the cause of her death.  Many believed it was suicide.  The media had been featuring Amy for a while.  She seemed to be unravelling in public.  She was being hounded by the Press and seemed to be courting attention.  Amy would often wander out of her Camden House during the early hours of the morning scantily clad much to the excitement of the Paparazzi.  She would be photographed looking dazed and disturbed.  She did not know where she was.  She was incoherent.  We all watched asking ‘How long can this go on?’  It was really no surprise when the news broke that Amy Winehouse was dead.  It seemed inevitable.

In 2015 Asif Kapadia made a documentary on the life of Amy Winehouse which won the Oscar for Documentary Feature.  During his acceptance speech Kapadia said it was his dream to show the real Amy.  And we believed him.  We all believed Amy’s death was indirectly cause