Richard Francis Cottingham, known as the Times Square Killer, has been in prison for the past forty years.  He was sentenced to two hundred years for the murder of five women in New York and New Jersey.  Featured in the Netflix Crime Scene series, Richard Cottingham now seventy-five years old, has finally broken his silence.  Since 2021 Mr Cottingham has not only admitted to the killings for which he was convicted but is now taking responsibility for other murders.  In fact, it is estimated that from 1967 to 1980 he killed more than one hundred people, mostly women.  He began by drowning school children, then moved on to killing young women living in his area, and finally resorted to butchering sex workers in Times Square.

Mr Cottingham’s method of killing was particularly abhorrent.  He tortured his victims for hours, sometimes days.  On some occasions he would abdu