If there was an organisation we thought we could trust surely it is the United Nations (UN).  Its official raison d’etre is to promote an ethical organisational culture based on its core values of integrity, professionalism, respect for diversity, and the values outlined in the Code of Ethics for UN Personnel which include independence, loyalty, impartiality, integrity, accountability and respect for human rights.  Sounds good.  But the BBC documentary ‘The Whistleblowers within the UN’ exposed what is really going on in the organisation, which is far from its declared purpose.

Various Whistleblowers have come forward to tell stories of corruption, recklessness and gross injustice within the UN.  The UN appears to be accountable to no one, and hides beneath an umbrella of immunity.  One told of the UN putting the lives of Chinese Uyghars in danger.  Uyghurs are the largest minority ethnic group in C