In Genesis chapter one, Moses wrote the account of God’s creation of the earth.  He did not seek to explain it.  He merely described what happened.  Then, in Job chapters thirty-eight to forty-one God, Himself, speaks about His creative activity in forming the universe, the earth and everything living on it.  Once again He does not explain how He did it.  He is speaking to Job and asks him, were you there when I did all this?  Of course, the fact that the Bible simply declares that God created the universe and makes no attempt to tell us how, is something that greatly frustrates the scientists.  They therefore seek to give the explanation.  And as they cannot find this in the Bible, they turn their attention away from God’s revealed Word and look for information elsewhere.  They use their human intellect and education to develop theories on the work of the Divine.  And, in so doing, deny the existence of God.  They create a world within scientific academia that few of us can enter, and write papers to impress each other on